Ah, I see you’ve found my corner of whimsy. Welcome to my fiction page.

I write fictional short stories on Medium, though, I’m slowly weaving out a fictional globetrotting autobiography. How exactly does a fictional autobiography work? Well, you’ll just have to read the first few chapters of Maybe True, Mostly Metaphor on my Medium page to find out.

In addition to the fictional autobiography, I’m sharing some more current stories about my time here at this café called “Stories From the Lost Café”. (Pretty creative title, right?). In this series, each story is a meeting, an exchange, with the denizens who wander in to the bar from all parts of the globe. Did I mention my café is…well, it’s kind of magic, maybe extra dimensional. I don’t really know how it works. But, I don’t want to give too much away, so read the first installment here.

Finally, you’ll find my “Cocktail Recipes” here as well. I like to think of each fiction story I write as a specially crafted cocktail, each with their own flavors and inspiration. “Cocktail Recipes” are my behind the scenes thoughts where I share with you guys my inside jokes, inspiration, and little of the personal stuff that goes into each colorful drink.

The Complete Fiction Collection


Maybe True, Mostly Metaphor Part VIII Identity is an interesting concept, reader. The idea that we can use one word or phrase to describe an…

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New Message

Maybe True, Mostly Metaphor Part V “Brazilian?” “Nope, man. Try again.” “Hey Moog, why haven’t you asked the big guy about becoming manager of this…

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