Ah, I see you’ve found my corner of whimsy. Welcome to my fiction page.

I write fictional short stories on Medium, though, I’m slowly weaving out a fictional globetrotting autobiography. How exactly does a fictional autobiography work? Well, you’ll just have to read the first few chapters of Maybe True, Mostly Metaphor on my Medium page to find out.

In addition to the fictional autobiography, I’m sharing some more current stories about my time here at this café called “Stories From the Lost Café”. (Pretty creative title, right?). In this series, each story is a meeting, an exchange, with the denizens who wander in to the bar from all parts of the globe. Did I mention my café is…well, it’s kind of magic, maybe extra dimensional. I don’t really know how it works. But, I don’t want to give too much away, so read the first installment here.

Finally, you’ll find my “Cocktail Recipes” here as well. I like to think of each fiction story I write as a specially crafted cocktail, each with their own flavors and inspiration. “Cocktail Recipes” are my behind the scenes thoughts where I share with you guys my inside jokes, inspiration, and little of the personal stuff that goes into each colorful drink.

The Complete Fiction Collection


Maybe True, Mostly Metaphor Part XII Have you ever felt threatened by the entire world around you, reader? I’m not talking about a specific, short term threat to your life—like being chased by a lion through the African Savannah. No, I mean in a more general, foreboding sense. The lurching feeling in your stomach that…

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Think Big, Feel Small

Maybe True, Mostly Metaphor Part XI “Wooshikwai!” “Uhm…I…wooshi?” “Dway! Wooshikwai!” The man’s face twisted in frustration and impatience. “I’m sorry..Uh, dway…boo…chi,” I muttered, struggling to form the desperate few Mandarin words I had learned over the past few weeks, “I don’t know, yes—er…Dway. ‘Wuxi’ is where I’m trying to go. You know the city? Wuxi?”…

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Textbook Takeoff

Maybe True, Mostly Metaphor Part X We stood there, the three of us, in front of the fully inflated hot air balloon. The name Candlewind wrapped around the lower edge of the light fabric. In the pre-dawn light, you could only really see its beauty when the burner roared to life, giving the balloon a…

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Maybe True, Mostly Metaphor Part IX I have to warn you, reader. This is the chapter where it starts.  You know. It. The final thing that makes a story a story. Characters? Check. Setting? Got it. Plot? Conflict?  That’s what I’m about to tell you now. And as any good reader knows, the plot and…

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Maybe True, Mostly Metaphor Part VIII Identity is an interesting concept, reader. The idea that we can use one word or phrase to describe an entire human being’s existence, the whole of their experiences, wants, desires, interests, personality, what makes a person a person—is more than just silly. And yet, we do it every day…

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Snide Character

Maybe True, Mostly Metaphor Part VII “Hi, are you a librarian?” I queried the woman focused on a book behind the desk. “No, I’m only pretending to be one because I’m casing the joint for a heist. Libraries are renowned in the criminal world for their vaults of cash,” she replied without looking up from…

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The Lisbon Paradox

A Travel Fiction on Authenticity “In the vast ocean of humanity, there are a few ports where all walks of life can find safe harbo— ” “Vast ocean of humanity?” His friend and travel partner interrupted, “You sound like a nature show narrator, man. That’s not you.” He closed his notebook and sighed. This was…

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New Message

Maybe True, Mostly Metaphor Part V “Brazilian?” “Nope, man. Try again.” “Hey Moog, why haven’t you asked the big guy about becoming manager of this place?”  It was a slower night, only a few diners at the bar. One guy who had become a regular no longer asked me for specific drinks but instead just…

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The Two Teachers

The professor walked into the café, ordered a drink, and sat down at the window bar with a huff, oblivious to the lone man next to him who was lazily enjoying his drink and watching the passersby on the street in silence. The lone man looked curiously as the professor (at least, his balding head,…

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Death in the Morning

A shallow story on thinking deeply He sat by the dew covered window. The fiery summer sun was rising up in glorious fashion, but he paid it no mind. He was oblivious to the majesty of the nature waking up just outside his door. It was mere background setting. His focus instead was on the…

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Sleepless Outside Seattle

Maybe True, Mostly Metaphor pt IV “Dang man, that’s wild. You think you’ll ever see Alice or your bike again?” Moog asked me. “I doubt it, I have no idea how I would get ahold of her. Hey, can you show me again how to slice this salmon roll?” I was in a sushi restaurant,…

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The Clever Painter’s Dreams

“It’s exactly what you think it is,” she tells you with a quick smile, “You’re just not thinking wide enough.” You furrow your brows, concentrating hard on the small painting in front of you. It’s a sardine sticking out of a container with a confusing label on it — and you’re hopelessly lost on what…

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100 Years in 1,000 Words

15 July, 1920 Hello. Is that how you start a diar- a journal? This is dumb. This is the worst birthday gift. I am seven years old I should have gotten a baseball mitt like Joe did. Pops got me this journal instead. I think this is a sissy thing. But Pops says that if I…

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Spider Storm Soliloquy

Maybe True, Mostly Metaphor part III Reader, have you ever felt like you’ve lost all sense of control over your life? As though you were tumbling helplessly forward—a rock thrown off a cliff with nothing solid to grab onto, nothing to arrest your fall? A slave to natural laws who, in their merciless reign, turn…

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The Traveler’s Prayer

If I fell from the sky from a thousand long milesThen would you be right there so to catch me? If I wandered the forests and lost my own path,Then would you be right there so to find me? If I sailed far away to a strange foreign land,Then would you be right there to…

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The Cursed Constellations

“Be brave, and don’t hunt the goats…” The campfire roared and crackled as the three kids huddled around. They stared with wide, excited eyes, wondering at the magic of the dancing flames. “Alright, listen up, runtmuffins,” Uncle Eli clapped his hands together and sat down on a large stump. The old, burly mountain man commanded the…

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The Physics of Interstellar Loneliness

Seven billion specks of lightScattered o’er a thousand nightscomplex order, intertwineddance to rules beyond our minds Seven billion sky bound beingsFloat, ephemerous, at seaDaunting, though, the distance seems ‘tween each soul, the darkness breathes Seven billion, clockwork neatSpheres that move in perfect syncStars and planets, galaxiesPeople, friends, and family Follow laws that none can see…

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The Invincibility Spell

Coming of age at .2 Mach (Drink pairing: Vodka Redbull) He did it. It took a whole year of saving pennies — moonlighting in restaurants, food trucks, anyone willing to pay him a few bucks between his bustling university class schedule, but he did it. He was the happiest 20 year old in the world.…

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Fly It Like You Stole It

Maybe True, Mostly Metaphor pt II: Impact (Read Part I: Wonder, here) First things first. I have a confession to make. Earlier, I told you that I had chartered a hot air balloon to start my search. Well, that’s not 100% accurate. I know, I know, we’re one chapter into my story and I’ve already…

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Maybe True, Mostly Metaphor

Chapter I: Wonder Close your eyes and imagine your younger self. How young? That age where you believed anything was possible. When you wanted to be an astronaut-veterinarian-singer moonlighting as mad scientist when you grew up (and don’t you pretend like you never believed something like that). Ok, you there yet? Good. Now, open your…

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