Seven billion specks of light
Scattered o’er a thousand nights
complex order, intertwined
dance to rules beyond our minds

Seven billion sky bound beings
Float, ephemerous, at sea
Daunting, though, the distance seems
‘tween each soul, the darkness breathes

Seven billion, clockwork neat
Spheres that move in perfect sync
Stars and planets, galaxies
People, friends, and family

Follow laws that none can see

Chasing states that none can be
Arcs and tracks run endlessly
Riding waves of gravity

Star, alone, with no system
Drifts alone and wayward, dim
Burning bright as dark creeps in
Waiting for a companion

Interstellar trav’ler skims
Through the night, with chances slim
Shoots into the star’s strong spin

Orbit, friend, a partner, kin

(Star and trav’ler dance on whim)

Time runs out at apogee
Trav’ler slingshots past Leaving star alone to be,
System-less and spinning free

Seven billion, clockwork neat
Stars and planets, galaxies
People, friends, and family
Spin ’til heat death, entropy

(I took the featured photo while driving through a remote area of central Nebraska. This is the second poem I’ve written on travel. For more, check out my Medium archive.)

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