It’s been quiet here lately. You know what that means:

I’m editing. and editing some more.

the last part of Maybe True, Mostly Metaphor is done, and thank you all so much for sticking around to read the whole thing from start to finish. But, here’s the deal:

It wasn’t all that good.

No, I’m not being self-deprecating and humble in the hopes of gaining complements. The past two years of on again off again writing Maybe True Mostly Metaphor have been an exercise in getting as many of my thoughts down on paper (paper? when’s the last time I used paper?) before I lose them again. So what you’ve been reading these past few years are the first drafts of my mind. The final product of my overall story will likely look very different then what you’ve been reading. Which means you got a look at something fleeting, something temporary and special. Like a flower.

But, like, the first draft of a flower so it doesn’t have the right scent yet and the coloring is weird and the creator didn’t make the petals symmetrical. Still, it’s a nice, fleeting flower that won’t be around for long.

But hey, the fact that you soldiered through the first draft of a 75,000 word story (I counted! It’s book length!) with such patience makes me like you all the more. You’re pretty cool, reader. This takes way more effort and dedication than subscribing to a podcast. You’re the real deal.

What will happen when I’m done editing? no idea. Statistically, I’ll spend the rest of my life getting rejection letters until the story is no longer culturally relatable but that’s okay. I had fun writing it. And it was a great way to sort my problems out in life and clear my head. Luckily, life is full of new problems things that need sorting so my mind is full of new ideas that need to be written just for the sake of keeping me sane. but first, editing.

Thanks again, reader. I’ll be around.

-Liam Brodentel

Song Pairing: “Oxford Comma” — Vampire Weekend

Drink Pairing: “Writers Tears” Irish Whiskey, on the rocks with one drop of saline water

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